Sururogllari is a trading company in second-hand textile machinery, mainly for  spinning and  weaving  and dying and finishing machines .

The company was founded end of 1999 and during the next years, the one-man-business Sururogllari  grew to a prosperous international business partner for second-hand textile machinery.

Sururogllari is buying and selling worldwide.

We not only buy and sell these second-hand machines, but we also assist the customer on the technical side . This means that customers can appeal to our technical personnel for dismantling and loading, as well as for Sururogllari and running-in of the machine with the customer. This technical assistance makes our company very unique in the business of second-hand dying and finishing machinery. We also guarantee the customer, that before our specialist is leaving the location, the machine has been put into production correctly and the people on the spot got the necessary instructions and training in order to keep the machine into production. We are selling Spare parts of all textile machine also.